I’d Let A Wolf Kill Me Before I Tried The Berries.

You would expect a wolf to rip out your throat,

because that’s his nature.

Any shred of kindness would be worse,

because at the most it’d be incomprehensible and,

at the least,


However, a berry is sweet and delicate.

I just want to pluck it and feel it pop in between my teeth,

raising my blood sugar along with my mood.

But I’ve never learned about plants,

And how to tell safe from deadly.

So I lay down with wolves,

Screaming and drawing attention to myself,

Because I know exactly what I’ll get when they wake up startled.

I put myself there, because there is no,




when they mangle my body.

But berries…

I couldn’t bare the thought of filling my stomach with something friendly,


and then suddenly foaming at the mouth,

because I thought I was safe.